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Bērzgales pagasts

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tel: +371 29 110 333

"Žubītes" is quiet weekend house located inbetween two lakes - Siemeņa lake and Meirānu lake with all amneties. 


The log house is 95% ecological 2 story building. First floor consists of kitchen/relax area with a cosy fireplace, shower and a electric sauna, which is available as an upgrade. Second floor has a lovely lounge with a lake view, a Living room with sofabed which can be used as an extra bed and a 2 double bedrooms.


House is located in arms reach from clean and beautful lake Siemenis which is ideal for fishing and if you are not bothered by water lillies - swimming.

In the distance 350 metres there is another lake called Meirānu with sandy coast and amazing beach.


There is a volleyball pitch, basketball hoop, grill and big size swings available on the property.

  Property is in the distance of 150m from the owners house and it has its own access road.



Bērzgale (latgaliešu: Bieržgaļs) ir apdzīvota vieta Rēzeknes novada Bērzgales pagastā, pagasta centrs. Izvietojusies starp Meirānu un Micānu ezeriem austrumos no autoceļa A13 19 km no novada centra Rēzeknes un 259 km no Rīgas.

Apdzīvotā vieta izveidojusies ap bijušās Biržgaļa (Bērzgales) muižas (Birżagol) centru. 1933. gadā Bērzgalei piešķirts biezi apdzīvotas vietas (ciema) statuss. Bērzgalē atrodas pagasta pārvalde, pamatskola, bērnudārzs, kultūras nams, bibliotēka, pasts, novadpētniecības muzejs, Bērzgales Svētās Annas katoļu baznīca.



Depending on the season

€70 - €85

brivdienu_lauku_maja.png Weekend Country House

r-htl-bedrooms.gif 2 bedrooms

r-htl-guests.gif 4 basic spaces + 2 spaces

r-htl-distance.gif distance from Riga - 250km

r-htl-open-season.gifguests are welcome all year round

o-hac-904.gif fireplace

o-hac-079.gif electric sauna

o-hac-118.gifoutdoor grill

o-hac-911.gif space for tents

o-hac-908.gif forbidden to smoke in the house

r-heq-012.gif kitchen with all necessities

r-heq-004.gif fridge

r-heq-006.gif induction hob

o-rst-020.gif fishing

o-rst-005.gif area for swimming

o-rst-007.gif boat hire

o-rst-114.gif volleyball pitch

o-rst-114.gif basketball hoop

r-hsv-103-other.gif big size swings

o-rst-109-b.gif mushroom and berry picking

r-hds-003.gif owners house in distance of 150 metres

r-hsv-103-ru.gif owner speaks russian

r-hsv-103-en.gif owner speaks little english